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Airial Robotics

The next generation of UAV

Airial Robotics has developed a drone product eco system based on a hybrid between a helicopter and gyrocopter.

The system is very energy efficient extending performance metrics of the current UAV industry. It also pushes the safty architecture to a new level making it an ideal system for beyond visual line of sight operation. The other advantage is that the system is modular and scalable.

We offer a technology core that follows the same setup across very different application offering operators a fleet approach. This allows harmonized trainings and maintenance across different applications and different sizes. Scalable means Airial Robotics can scale from 4kg to 1200kg take off weight. Todays system available are GT20 and GT25 Gyrotrak for surveillance, mapping and long distance logistics, CT30 Cargotrak for short distance and high altitude logistics and finally AT25 Agrotrak, a solution for spraying and seeding.

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