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Cambridge Pixel

Radar Software & Sensor Processing, Maritime Radar Control, Tracking & Visualization for USV

Radar software, radar interface cards, sensor processing, developer tools and display solutions for USVs (uncrewed surface vessels).

Supporting military and commercial uncrewed maritime platforms all around the world with flexible and affordable technology for navigation, collision avoidance, mothership communication and target recognition.

Cambridge Pixel provide core capabilities for USV developers including:

  • Radar Interfacing
  • Target Tracking
  • Fusing Radar and Sensor Data (AIS, ADS-B, Navigation and more)
  • Camera Control
  • Data Recording
  • Simulation & Training
  • Navigation when GPS is Lost
  • Mothership Communication over Low Bandwidth

Our technologies can be interfaced with a wide variety of maritime radars, as well as other sensors including cameras, AIS, GPS/GNSS, and motion reference units (MRUs).

Opportunities are available to Basic, Advanced and Premium Subscribers only.
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