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Charles River Analytics*

Bring foundational research to life, creating human-centered intelligent systems at the edge of what’s possible, through deep partnerships with our customers.

We are here to serve—our military, our homeland, our society, and our planet.
We support the warfighter and enhance their performance with human-centered intelligent systems.
We protect our homeland with technology-driven threat detection and response.
We transform healthcare and worker safety with AI and intelligent adaptive training.
We care for our planet by applying leading-edge tech to species protection, ocean mapping, and environmental data collection.
We deliver innovation with breakthrough R&D.
We hire and nurture smart people so they can solve hard problems at the intersection of human and machine intelligence.
We provide groundbreaking solutions to our Government and commercial customers.
We apply rigorous engineering and product management practices to mature our research results into viable, deployable products for the government and private sector.

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