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Copting GmbH

Your unmanned solution

Copting GmbH is a full-service provider for unmanned systems (multirotor, VTOL).

We provide solutions based on our clients needs. Those solutions always focus on the clients use cases and needs.

Our portfolio consist of consulting, manufacturing of professional UAVs, tethering systems, drone hangar, accessories as Ground control station. We provide also communication systems, communication relays, software for professional and specific usage and use cases.

Activiely involved in R&D, we provide outstanding hardware and software services and developments for research projects or new development for customer use cases.

Especially our tethered drones, hangar based free flying or tethered drones and autonomous capabilities are of high interest for all industrial customers and challenging use cases.

At our test range we can test nearly any kind of UAV, train professionals in flying UAVs – from civil use cases, search&rescue to special forces.

Our professional pilots can also be of help in your operational projects.

Opportunities are available to Basic, Advanced and Premium Subscribers only.
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