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HD Air Studio

UAV gimbals for industrial, commercial, robotics use

At HD Air Studio, we help Drone, TV & Film, Robotics professionals achieve undisturbed image stabilization using gimbal camera payloads. HD Air Studio is a patent-holding engineering house specializing in custom gimbals and drones, with more than 10 years of experience in the gimbal and drone industry. 


Most of our work involves developing custom gimbals and other UAV gear which suits unique needs of our clients, even the most challenging ones. See some of our bespoke UAV projects here.
At the same time, we deliver a regular line of drone gimbals which are fit to fly with the most popular cameras on the market, e.g.: GH4, A7S, Sony RX100 I-IV, BlackMagic Micro Camera and all similar.

While using drones for all sorts of infrastructure inspections is gradually becoming a new normal,...
HD Air Studio’s 3-axis UAV gimbal for 1.3 kg payloads has been selected by Bergen Robotics for...
Kuba Jakubczyk, CEO of HD Air Studio, sets out the opportunities to commercial UAV operations...
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