Certified Autopilot Solutions, Easier and Faster

Hionos helps every drone manufacturer to build a Flight Controller meeting most demanding European drone safety regulations, while ensuring cost and time control.

Whether you are a big corporate, or an SME, such development is a big issue. If you are a big corporate, you have the skills needed to develop such software but it will require important cost and delay that are not suitable to end market financial constraints and pace. If you are a medium company, you will target an off the shelf product that the provider will have to modify to meet the specificities of your drone, that is costly, time consuming and you will be dependent on your provider, creating delays and handovers. Last, if you are a small company, these solutions are not for you, and safety regulation compliant Flight Controllers are not accessible, meaning that you can simply not access the segment of safety critical drone operations.

Thanks to our sound experience in safety critical software development for airplanes and drones, we provide manufacturers a mix of process, development environment and already developed software allowing to meet safety regulation objectives. This development environment includes 90% of the Flight Controller software and gives manufacturers the ability to develop by themselves, and without any external intervention, the 10 missing percent that are aircraft dependent. Our development environment is already tested with success by different customers (big corporates and small companies). The new European regulation, entered in force in 12/2020 intensifies market’s need and forces us to accelerate the development of our products.

Our products target every manufacturer building a drone used for safety critical operations (military, urban, long range and people transportation) and will be able, in the coming years to also address every manned aircraft manufacturer.

Our development environment ensure a cost reduction up to 80% compared to the development of a Flight Controller from scratch and a reduction of the development duration from 30% to 80%. Moreover it will allow small and medium companies to access safety critical segments that are currently too expensive to reach.

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