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Nordic Unmanned

Nordic Unmanned delivers high-end products and services related to drones and data capture

Through our operational experience in 13+ European countries and agreements with leading industry suppliers, we have obtained a wide customer base, earning us the position as one of the global leaders of unmanned systems and services worldwide.

Nordic Unmanned manufactures proprietary high-spec drones. In this rapidly evolving industry, the solution you are looking for, may not exist yet. Our experienced and diverse team enables us to assist our clients in solving their challenges. We bring your unique ideas all the way from concept to production or provide consulting services for any step of the journey.

We provide extensive customization to our own systems and have a history of bringing new technology to the market and maturing existing solutions.

Operational experience and certifications

Being at the very front of the unmanned industry, rules and regulations define what is possible. We push the industry and have a close cooperation with all relevant authorities to make our operations as safe and effective as possible.

Nordic Unmanned is certified according to the LUC regulation (Light UAS Operator Certificate), being the first company in Scandinavia to be certified. The certification covers the entire fleet of drones and makes Nordic Unmanned able to self-approve operations according to the company’s own operation manual and safety management systems. The certificate is applicable in all EASA countries, which is an organization that covers most of Europe. The LUC replaces previous regulation where each country had their own rules and regulations.

Our operations gives us golden experience

We have experience in working with major corporations and authorities, such as the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), the Norwegian Ministry of Defence, the UK Ministry of Defence, the Port of Antwerp, Equinor and more.

Nordic Unmanned is also ISO 9001:2015 certified and is the first publicly listed European drone operator in Europe.

We are a reseller of unmanned systems such as the Lockheed Martin’s Indago and Condor drones, and Textron’s Aerosonde, and actively participates in research and development of advancing technology.

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