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Nordic Wing

We develop and manufacture the Astero drone, capable of flying 3 hours and 30 min – the longest flight time in its class. With the Surveyor Lite 2 and Surveyor Max 61S cameras for mapping and Flir Duo and WIRIS for thermal, Nighthawk for live feed, we are ideal for mapping and surveying large areas such as pipelines.


The Astero system is an open architecture & modular system enabling easy integration of most mission sensors / payloads within the UAVs specifications.

FLIGHT TIME – Danish Design

The Astero is designed to improve the overall efficiency in use. The aerodynamic design of the aircraft and the weight to power ratio enables the Astero to fly longer and cover a bigger area than any other fixed-wing drone in its class. It is highly efficient for large area mapping and surveying, due to the extraordinarily long flight time, and provides more survey data in less time.  

ROBUST – Danish Quality

The Astero is primarily built of carbon fiber, fiberglass, and nylon. These materials are all well-known from the aerospace industry and utilized for their special properties, specifically strength and flexibility. With an extraordinary durability the Astero can withstand approx. 50G impact on landing.  

EASY TO FLY – Danish Robotics

The Astero operates completely autonomously from takeoff to landing. Once the aircraft is hand-launched, it automatically flies its predefined mission and lands again at a predefined landing point. Manual control is also possible during the flight. The Astero does not just have a high performance, it is also safe to use and therefore well suited for night flying and flying beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).

Meet the Astero  A Robust High-Performance Drone for mapping and sureveying when range matters. With...
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