Making Autonomous Fly

At Sightec, we are pioneers, leading the forefront of computer vision & AI technologies. Our focus is on meeting the challenges of autonomous flight and how to make it completely reliable, predictable, and safe. Daring? Possibly. Visionary? Definitely. We are shaping the future of autonomous flight, by developing image-based situational awareness, orientation and navigation technologies that function in real-time, and that are powerful yet lightweight and cost effective. Quite simply, we are going to make vertical air mobility a reality.

Our mission is to help make autonomous flight a reality in the very near future. And we’re getting there steadily, one step at a time. Whether for inspections, deliveries or, ultimately, passenger travel, our autonomous flight technologies will enable drones to perform their missions safely, reliably, and to the highest levels of performance. We have the imagination, innovation, and pioneering spirit to open the skies for cleaner, safer, more efficient mobility to make every corner of our planet, from city to countryside, a better place to live and work.

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