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Tanglewood Group Ltd.

Exclusive Distributor for Corvo UAVs (Cardboard drones!)

Tanglewood Group is proud to be the Exclusive European and Middle Eastern distributor for the range of Corvo UAVs from SYPAQ.

We offer the Corvo PPDS “Cardboard drone” that is seen so much in the press and winning awards for its ingenuity. We can offer the Corvo PPDS and Corvo PPDS-HL for extended range and higher payload operations.

Nowhere else can you get an affordable, lightweight, fixed wing drone that can carry either 3kg or 6kg payload up to 200km – autonomously.

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Tanglewood Group is also focussed on Optimising Availability.

What good is expensive equipment that doesn’t work or is not available for operational use as it is in extensive maintenance?   

With over 75 years of combined experience in support and   sustainment, Tanglewood has experience in using the   principals of Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) to optimize   availability and ensure efficient, cost effective Through Life   Support. Our focus on these areas means we have a greater understanding of cost of availability and cost of operating for customers’ products.

Working from the earliest stages of any design and development programme we embed ourselves in customer’s teams to work on design for maintenance and supportability. We then work closely with the customer’s bid team to respond to tenders with the optimal support and safety plans and compliant responses.

With our extensive operational experience we are then able to fully develop the support solutions in the Manufacturing phase and run Through Life Support contracts for customers and look after all the on-going support elements for the life of the contract.


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