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TruWeather Solutions

From the Ground Up

TruWeather is a leading innovator in micro-weather sensing, modeling, and decision insights for weather-sensitive government activities, industries, and companies. 

Weather is one of the greatest risks in the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) ecosystem.  Low-level winds, low visibility, icing, and low cloud heights can impact operations regularly. Since current data collection and forecasting methods are not granular enough to routinely capture weather that impacts on low-level flight operations, TruWeather focuses on more serviceable micro-weather data for improved flight-time, battery life, and revenue generation per airframe, especially in edge case weather conditions.

TruWeather’s V360 data analytics platform is one of the few, if not only, micro-weather platform that can plug and play new sensor data, government data and crowd-sourced data on a single web application platform or API. They lead with full spectrum low altitude weather data and are changing the paradigm for how micro-weather is used to optimize UAS flight ops.

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