Quantum Systems: Regional hub in Australia & sales to Ukraine

Quantum-Systems to open new regional hub in Brisbane/Australia:

Quantum-Systems GmbH announced that it has incorporated a wholly owned subsidiary in Brisbane, Australia. The formation of Quantum-Systems Pty. Ltd, also known as Quantum-Systems Australia, follows the stand-up of Quantum-Systems Inc. in the United States in January of this year to serve the Defense and Security market in North America.

Quantum-Systems Australia will be located in the immediate vicinity of the campus of Rheinmetall’s Military Vehicles Centre of Excellence and will house production, R&D and support facilities as well offices for executive, sales and administration staff.

Initially Quantum-Systems Australia will primarily serve Government clients in the region, but in due course will also serve the commercial business division, with its extensive distribution network in Asia Pacific, and the many hundreds of customers in the region already using Quantum-Systems’ industry-leading eVTOL technology.

Ukraine Orders Vector Drones from Quantum-Systems
The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has selected Vector drones from Quantum-Systems. The delivery in military support for Ukraine’s armed forces is being financed by German funds for security capacity building.

Part of the ordered drones is already in use in Ukraine.

Delivery of the larger part of the ordered quantity is still in the preparation and processing stage and will take place after the training of Ukrainian forces and drone pilots.

The details of modalities and logistics will be clarified in close consultation between the partners involved. Training on the use of the Vector reconnaissance drone usually takes no more than four days. For security reasons, no further details on the quantity and timing of the deliveries will be given until the handover has taken place.

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