Gadfin To Operate Medical Drone Network In Israel

Israel-based Gadfin Aero-Logistics Systems has secured a contract with Israel’s medical GPO & logistics company – SAREL, for sending supplies from its advanced medical logistic center, to gradually connect all the major hospitals in Israel, in a radius of up to 200 km, under a long-term exclusive partnership agreement.

Gadfin says that this will make Israel the first western country in the world to have an automatic, on demand, medical delivery aerial grid. This contract will allow SAREL to have constant supply of medical equipment, medicines Vaccines, blood, Serum ,lab samples and more, using a star model all across Israel, at less than one hour from call.

The first operational delivery line will be the longest drone delivery line in the world, stretching up to 100 Km radius. The project is based on Gadfin’s unique patented technology, that enables to fly up to a 250 km distance (125km radius without swapping batteries and hydrogen tank).

This is accomplished by using hydrogen fuel cell technology, special patented wing folding mechanism and state of the art safety design to meet the most demanding regulation standards. The project will reach up to 60 deliveries a day (up to 21,000 deliveries a year) within three years from now, using 18 Gadfin Spirit One Air-vehicles, under a service contract with Gadfin.

Gadfin’s Spirit One air-vehicle is designed to carry inside its cargo bay a standard cooled medical supply package that can support up to -80 deg. C to enable delivery of any required medical supply including organs. It can fly at heavy rain, and under winds reaching up to 30 kmh. The Spirit One is equipped with an independent automatic emergency parachute system that keeps it safe at any scenario.

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