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Our mission is to support all professional functions and company officials across the extensive unmanned eco-system through generating leads, making connections, and promoting businesses

Generate leads with direct
opportunities & market tenders

Create opportunities in accordance with all your company's requirements

Promote your business with extensive reach-out & consistent exposure

The 'Why'
The 'Who'
The 'How' & 'What'

The 'Why' - Our Mission

  • The Unmanned Network is a unified platform for all unmanned stakeholders to grow their business, connect and find solutions and leads within the ever-growing unmanned ecosystem.


  • The Unmanned Network is a platform for all unmanned domains: air, ground and sea. The platform is for all businesses, individuals and organizations of any size, background and purpose.


  • The Unmanned Network provides a scale of exposure within the industry to gain leads directly from potential customers unlike any other place in the unmanned industry. Small and big businesses are easily found and able to provide their solutions on a cost-effective, digitized and leveled playing field.


In addition to obtaining direct actionable leads The Unmanned Network:

  • Adds multi-feature value for companies by offering solutions in several aspects.
  • In the Unmanned Network you will be able to locate suppliers, hardware, software, payloads, operational and logistical support and more.
  • The resources you need are collected in one platform.
  • Users are able to find, post and locate events, opportunities and tenders as well.
  • The platform caters to multiple departments such as sales, marketing, procurement, operations, HR, engineering, and more.

The 'Who' - Unmanned Network Users

The Network caters all unmanned stakeholders seeking to further advance within the unmanned industry from:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Sub-system / Component Manufacturers
  • Service providers & Consultants
  • End-users and Individuals 
  • Institutions – Academia & Investors






The Network supports all professional functions:

  • Business development and marketing to further advance growth and obtain leads.
  • Media & communications to further expose the company within the industry targeting the exact required audience.
  • Procurement & buyers for fulfilling any internal purchasing or service requirement.
  • Human resources to locate the best candidates within the industry.
  • End-users looking for the exact systems and / or services to meet their operational requirements unlocking the many mission applications made possible by unmanned systems.

The 'How' & 'What' The Network provides

At the core of the Unmanned Network is the opportunity module – a unique lead generating capability designed to connect Network members. Members upload any requirement on their behalf from systems & components via services to open positions which in turn create direct opportunities for other Network members in accordance with their services, products & know-how providing direct actionable leads.

In addition to internal leads provided within the opportunities module, external leads are provided as well. As hundreds of tenders & solicitations (RFIs / RFPs / Call for proposals) from around the world are screened daily by our professional analysts only the most relevant, up-to-date solicitations are posted in alignment with our members’ services, products & know-how coupled with geographic relevance.

Both modules are accommodated by automated notifications on leads sent directly to you in real time based on your chosen categories of interest.

Upon interest in a specific opportunity the Network enables direct contact to the opportunity’s author creating a direct connection.

On the broader aspect of the Unmanned Network members obtain exposure and access to interested clients, customers, and B2B partners within the unmanned industry. This is conducted via a member / company profile, created within three short minutes, coupled with any promotional content, for additional exposure, targeting the Network’s professional audience: articles, press releases, events, podcasts, webinars, whitepapers and more, which in turn provide all Network visitors with rich content via the Events & Resources page.

Hear from our

Avi Kalo (Adv.)
Aerospace & Defense | Frost & Sullivan | Middle East Regional Lead for Business Growth

The Unmanned Network is the perfect source to monitor emerging techonlogies and indusry requirements and get a constant hands-on grip on the market.

Isabelle Nyroth
Drone Operations Consultant and Founder

The Unmanned Network has become a useful and time-saving tool in my business of supporting various drone operations. It allows me to connect with solutions I’m looking for, while expanding my own professional network. The platform has become the go-to place for myself to stay in the loop of current events, solutions, and opportunities. A valuable contribution in tying together the unmanned ecosystem.

Noam Lidor
VP Business Development & Marketing

The Unmanned Network focuses our attention on the exact leads that best fit our portfolio and go-to market strategy on one hand, while on the other saves the company a significent amount of time in obtaining our high-end requirements.

Adi Cohen
Senior Marketing Director

The Unmanned Network provides high-end exposure providing industry leaders & decision makers relevant up-to-date information, thus a great solution to further expand Aeronautics’ market reach.

Whitney Brooks
Headhunter, Strategic Partner

As the industry headhunter, my mission is to connect unmanned companies with the people they need. The Unmanned Network has put my mission on steroids by building a one-stop-shop to connect people who need something in the industry to those who have it. From people to partners to hardware to services, you can get connected, find leads, and discover solutions on the Unmanned Network all while saving time and money. It’s a no brainer to join!

The Network supports all
Unmanned Stakeholders

Original Equipment Manufacturers in All Domains: Air, Maritime, Ground

Sub-system / Component Manufacturers

Operational Service Providers

Consultants, Regulators, Academia, Investors & Additional Subject Matter Experts


The Network Supports All
Key Positions & Functions

Business Development & Marketing

Obtain direct actionable leads in specific accordance with your services & products via the Network's unique Opportunities module and rich Tenders module.

Procurement & Buyers

Post any procurement requirement via the Network's broad reach out to component & service suppliers.

Human Resources

Post position openings to locate the best candidates within the industry.

Media & Communications

Broad company exposure targeting the required professional audience via an effective company profile & content publication.

Individual Stakeholders

Open positions

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member profile

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