Aero Enterprise GmbH

intelligent airborne inspection

Aero Enterprise is specialized in the sustainable inspection and analysis of surfaces on primarily vertical (industrial) objects of all kinds. A big focus is set on (offshore)wind power plants. The quality assurance system consists of flight robots, mobile ground stations, client-based analysis software and a database.

In parallel to the high-resolution digital images, infrared data are also recorded, which can give an insight into the deeper layers of an object. The obtained information is GNSS- and object-referenced and is imaged for the customer in an analysis software in a virtual 3D environment. Numerous tools allow the information to be qualified and classified, supported by selve developed AI.

The digital recording of the actual states of the objects allows for the first time an “objectification”, which is often subjectively judged by human beings, and absolute information of old and new data can be used as part of a change management. The software and database form the ideal basis for the connection to industry 4.0 and integration of the data into an existing ERP environment of our customers.

We also provide a partner-program (SaaS), where experts and specialists in the wind energy business can use their own drones for data acquisition in combination with our Software package to do the analysis of the data. Finally with one-click a partner-branded report is generated to get situational awareness of their assets.

NOTE: Since July 2020 AE is also part of Buss Energy Group ( ) and WINDEA ( ). In this embedded international consortium we are able to provide a large variety of extra services starting from the planning, projecting, installing ( with harbour- and ship management) inspection and quality control, maintenance & repair till to the end-of live phase with decommissioning of offshore plants.

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