Aeronautics Systems

Aeronautics Group is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of unmanned aerial and advanced ISTAR
solutions. Its multi-operational, multi-purpose systems offer the most innovative, groundbreaking solutions
for optimal performance and reliability.

The Group’s turnkey solutions address a range of contemporary aerial, maritime, and land-based security
challenges. Aeronautics’ broad product portfolio offers combat proven solutions for Intelligence, Surveillance
and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions, and exceptional operability and performance. Its systems are built on
three decades of technological and operational success, and offer a ‘one-stop shop’ for cost-effective
defense, HLS, and civil mission solutions. Aeronautics’ first-class research and development establish a clear
competitive edge in its operational and technological solutions.

Aeronautics is a market leader in Unmanned Aerial Systems, Aerial Intelligence, Surveillance and
Reconnaissance (ISR) platforms, stationary and vehicle-mounted ground ISR systems, and border surveillance
and force protection systems. Its aerostats include electro-optical stabilized sensors, wideband
communication data links, and electrical propulsion systems.

Aeronautics’ comprehensive defense solutions include a range of services such as security and project
management, high-level training, and maintenance services. To guarantee smooth UAS operations, it also
offers high quality and in-depth training programs including OJT (On Job Training) for UAS mission
commanders, operators, and technicians.

Since its founding in 1997, Aeronautics has grown into a world leader in the field of UAS-based technologies.
In September 2019, Aeronautics Group was acquired by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Mr. Avichay
Stolero. Aeronautics Group includes the following subsidiaries: Aeronautics Ltd., Commtact, Zanzottera,
Controp, RT, Magal and CP Technologies.

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