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Canadian UAVs Inc.

elevate your perspective

We are the leading Canadian provider of UAV operations in Canada, specializing in flight beyond visual line of sight. We are the pioneers of BVLOS in Canada, focusing on solving the hardest challenges which face the adoption of UAVs into the every day.

Currently, we are Canada’s only non-restricted BVLOS operator with approval to fly up to 12 km radius from our ground-based radar. With flight safety as our first priority, we provide solutions for a range of applications. Our GIS, risk and insurance mitigation, iterative automated topographical data acquisition, mining, energy, and asset security solutions lead the industry. Whether your business requires raw data, situation assessment or a full suite of GIS ready data we can design a safe, low cost solution to meet your needs.

At Canadian UAVs, we tackle the most challenging missions. In heavy industry, infrastructure and defence, we can elevate your perspective and offer turn key solutions for your UAV program.

Exciting News! Canadian UAVs Granted Canadian RPAS SFOC for 800 Feet Nationwide! We are thrilled...
Drone Delivery Canada Corp. has announced that it has purchased from Canadian UAVs the first Sparrowhawk radar...
CALGARY, Alberta, Nov. 1st, 2022 – Canadian UAVs is pleased to announce the completion of...
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