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Quality build HTOL and VTOL drone aircrafts


Since 2009 our crew has been involved in Unmanned Aircraft parts and chassis manufacturing.

The processes we use for the manufacturing of parts and assemblies  include but are not limited to – CNC machining/engraving, composites molding and 3D printing.

Even though most of the processes are automated and digitized, manual labor and precise craftsmanship are highly valued at our production facility.

We stand by the quality we deliver, so every tiny part made by us has to pass a rigorous pre and post production quality and tolerances control.



SP-3 / SP-5
SP-3 and SP-5 are DanAero’s 3.4 and 5.7 meters wingspan fixed wing multi-purpose aircraft. SP-3 and SP5 are available in 3 modifications:

• *R – Runway version, suitable for landing on smooth surfaces, tarmac, fine gravel, etc.

• *C – Catapult version, has no landing gear, launches off a catapult, belly landing on soft ground.

• *V – VTOL version, Vertical take-off and landing, can be equipped with retractable or fixed landing gear.

All versions incorporate retractable payload mechanism and are weather proof.

We can also provide high quality rugged Ground Control Systems.



We provide a wide range of services for Unmanned Aircraft manufacturing, operation and maintenance, as well as crew training.



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