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Robotic Skies

Maintenance Experts

Robotic Skies is a global maintenance marketplace that brings together independent FAA Part 145 repair stations into a maintenance provider network to serve the commercial drone industry and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). Robotic Skies is bringing Quality Maintenance to this emerging market, factory-approved training, regulatory guidance, and on-demand support from Subject Matter Experts.

How can Robotic Skies Help

Capabilities that Robotic Skies can offer;

  • Maintenance at a scalable level globally with the Robotic Skies Network
  • Quality Maintenance and Repair capabilities at our Customer Enablement Facility to support the US and global operations
  • Manufacturing capabilities
  • Maintenance data and documentation capabilities
  • Contract Personnel
  • SPAN (Corridor tailored to UAS operators)
Opportunities are available to Basic, Advanced and Premium Subscribers only.
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