Unmanned Aviation Services

We are RUAS, innovators of drone services, aerial technology operations and training.

Given the rise in popularity and effectiveness across multiple sectors, using unmanned aircraft has never been easier. However, with this newer industry, you need to be sure that you’re working alongside professionals with the very best equipment and the advanced and widely varied experience to capture the best in aerial data and imagery. With years involved at all levels of the aerospace sector, RUAS is well suited to lend their expertise and specialised approach and equipment to those whose needs require something beyond a conventional drone operation. No matter the challenges, RUAS is adept at overcoming many of the obstacles throughout the various industries where aerial footage and data can truly bring sufficient value to our clients


RUAS Training Academey 

Our experienced instructors have trained over 4,000 professional pilots

RUAS Training Academy are an industry leading supplier of drone training as an accredited RAE as issued by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). With experienced instructors who have been delivering drone training for over 8 years as the longest standing NQE, having trained over 4000 remote pilots in gaining their Certificate of Pilot Competency.
Course locations based in Newport, South Wales, Hull and Essex. (Other training locations may be available on request).

Opportunities are available to Basic, Advanced and Premium Subscribers only.
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