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Sea Guard Sys Ltd.

🏄‍♂️WE make Smart Guard Surfboards and FAR MORE than that. (M.W)🌊

I believe in Maritime demoranization🌐Knowing to read the behavior of the SEA is not a matter of simplicity,The senses I have acquired throughout my years of surfing accompany me to this day🌐You should not be dependent on anyone but yourself,This is the ultimate test of the surfer,Out there in the deep blue SEA you are a lone Survivor with difficulties to assess the level of danger at sea🌐that’s way I believe that we should do so responsibly,Through enhancing the surfing experience along with the sense of security and safety of the surfer🌐We need High-Tech progress and innovation Breakthrough with no boundaries in the SEA env with Safety & Security,Sense of adventurousness,Excitement&enthusiasm for the future to come🌐Based on world’s needs I sense that this is precisely what all of humanity believe in too.So why wouldn’t I be part of the Idea?🌐What good is an idea if it can’t be shared,Our CO. was founded to help spread ideas with fitting succeed🌐The more ideas that are shared the greater the likelihood those ideas will have an impact in the world🌐This is one of the many reasons my eyes light up to establish my core CO. based in IL🌐There are many ways to share ideas, one is the S word.That is where we come in. We make GS for that word.We make GS for Big Ideas🌐Our company has developed a way to help create an efficient sys that brings ‎advanced HITECH IOT Sys Icapabilities to the SEA various env&platforms For the SAFETY&SECURITY of all NATURE&Hum with FUN&ENJOYMENT as an ancillary product Under the Oversight Central Collaborative Cloud Database🌐So WHY we do it?🌐We do it because when we challenge ourselves to be better, we also challenge all of humanity to be better as well🌐Together we can do it,SGS brings a wind of HOPE for a CHANGE🌐Everything we do,We believe in challenging the Status quo in thinking differently🌐The inside out why I inspiring the Status quo,Is by making our products Beautifully designed,Simple to use & User friendly.‎Want to buy some?

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