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US Drone Temporarily Blinds Russian Pilot Plausible Cause For Collision

A new report shines a spotlight on a plausible cause for the recent mid-air collision between a Russian fighter jet and a US drone ending with the drone’s crash.

An unconfirmed report states that the drone’s sensor operator used the EOIR laser to blind the Russian pilot thus causing the fighter pilot disorientation ending with a physical collision.

The report also states that the drone pilot mistook the Russian jet as a Mig-28 thus attempted to conduct an inverted roll above the fighter jet to capture a real-time polaroid picture of the Russian aircrew. However, during the maneuver remembered that they are operating a drone thus did not have the polaroid camera on-board.

As a last defensive maneuver the drone pilot ‘hit the brakes’ to slow down from 150 kts to 140 kts all the while lasing once more, this time aiming for the fighters fuel dump, attempting to ignite the fighter jet.

The Unmanned Network wishes it readers a great weekend and April Fools…

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